News & Updates

April 2024

D'Mello Lab undergraduates Alishba Silat, Ashley Blanco, and Rod Benzanilla-Davila presented posters on their independent research projects in NYC as part of their Simons Foundation Shenoy Undergraduate Research Fellowship in Neuroscience (SURFIN)! 

March 2024

Congrats to Bangjie Wang for winning a Sprouts Research Grant from the O'Donnell Brain Institute! This grant will fund a project aiming to understand the functional consequences of cerebellar damage. 

August 2023

Dr. D'Mello's review on the cerebellum and language, in collaboration with Amanda LeBel, is out in Current Opinion in Behavioral Sciences! Read it here

July 2023

Welcome Bangjie Wang!! Bangjie is a new PhD student in the D'Mello Lab interested in the cerebellum and language. Learn more about him here

April 2023

Dr. D'Mello's gave a talk on the Cerebellum and Cognition at the Center for BrainHealth. Check it out here

March 2023

Check out Dr. D'Mello's preprint: Personal Interests Amplify Engagement of Language Regions in Children with and without Autism.

March 2023

D'Mello Lab crafting day was a success! Check out our new decorations!  

January 2023

Dr. D'Mello's manuscript on neural adaptation in autism has been accepted for publication to The Journal of Neuroscience

January 2023

The D'Mello Lab welcomed new undergraduate research assistants from UT Dallas: Sneha, Alishba, and Ashley! We loved hearing about their interests in our first lab meeting as a group. 

December 2022

Check out Dr. D'Mello's piece on researcher's unwitting contributions to sex bias in autism research in Spectrum News

November 2022

Dr. D'Mello's research on exclusion of females in autism research was covered by Scientific American

November 2022

D'Mello Lab welcomes its first hires: Lab Manager Audrey Courreges and Research Coordinator Tanny Tahami

October 2022

Dr. D'Mello's work on exclusion of females from autism research has been covered by The Hill and US News & World Report!

September 2022

Check out our new publication examining the factors that contribute to exclusion of females from autism research, out now in Autism Research. 

August 2022

Dr. D'Mello is hiring a lab manager! Click here to learn more and to apply. 

July 2022

Congratulations to Dr. D'Mello, who was named a SFARI Bridge to Independence Fellow! The SFARI BTI Fellowship supports early-career researchers who are interested in autism research by facilitating their transition to an independent position and providing $600,000 in grant funding over three years. This funding will support a project aimed at examining the role of cerebello-prefrontal cortex circuits in cognitive inflexibility in autism, and whether cognitive inflexibility may contribute to both strengths and challenges in autism. Read more here