Prospective Students

Dr. D’Mello will be accepting applications for graduate students for Fall 2025!

Information for prospective PhD Students

How to apply


Dr. D’Mello will be accepting students through the Cognition and Neuroscience PhD Program as well as the Psychology PhD Program within The Department of Psychology at the University of Texas at Dallas. Interested students should check out the lab website, ongoing research projects, and feel free to reach out directly to Dr. D’Mello with questions. Prospective students can apply via Graduate Admissions at the University of Texas at Dallas. Application instructions can be found here.

Dr. D'Mello will also accept students through the Biomedical Engineering (Biomedical and Molecular Imaging Track) PhD and Neuroscience PhD Programs at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. Accepted students complete 2+ lab rotations at UT Southwestern. More information on application requirements and deadlines can be found here

What is the role of a grad student in lab?

 D'Mello lab graduate students will have the opportunity to actively shape research directions in the lab, contribute to  ongoing projects, and develop independent research projects. Students will meet regularly with Dr. D’Mello to discuss progress, ideas, results, and future career goals. Students will take part in collecting, analyzing, and preparing data for publication; grant writing; and will be encouraged to (with financial support) attend national and international conferences relevant to their research and the research of the lab. Students will also have access to collaborations, outstanding resources, seminar series, and state-of-the-art neuroimaging across departments and institutions including The Center for BrainHealth, The Center for Vital Longevity, and The O'Donnell Brain Institute. 

Information for prospective Undergraduate Students

The D'Mello lab will be recruiting undergraduate research assistants. Interested students should reach out directly to Dr. D'Mello ( and be able to commit to 2 consecutive semesters in lab.